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Black Site

I am enjoying the surge of novels by former special operations guys.  It is heartening to see the level of dedication that these men have for our freedom and our safety. Black Site is by former Delta Force commander, and author  Dalton Fury (not a bad last name for a special ops guy).  Fury introduces us to Kolt Raynor (AKA Racer) who is a down and out, former Delta team member who has the opportunity to right a wrong…sort of.  The novel is fairly suspenseful and action packed and Racer necessarily offs a bunch of bad guys.  Fury provides some insight into the means and methods of special operations forces and their strong bond toward each other.

Again, I never like to reveal too much about the storyline in my reviews.  If you think special operations, black site, jihadists, you kind of get the gist of the book.  I personally never read the inside cover of a book.  Often too much is revealed.  This is a good first novel for Fury and look forward to his next release scheduled to come out in October.

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  1. Greg says:

    Thanks first for your service…thanks for the novel…I am looking forward to October 16th and the release of your new book. I added your OBL book to my Amazon Wish List and will read it this winter.

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