Framing the Dialogue


bittersweet“Sue Ellen joined in with tales about growing up in Utopia, which made us all shake our heads and laugh.  The town’s name might summon images of the ideal life, but the place itself sounded very much like every other small town in Texas, a mix of the good, the bad and the simply weird.”

In Bittersweet China and her family are planning to meet at her mother’s ranch in Utopia for Thanksgiving.  Thinks change as Sam, China’s father-in-law, has had a heart attack and her mother is less than forthcoming about his condition.  This comes on top of their plans to open an eco-tourism lodge and China wonders how they’ll cope with the extra work at their age and with Sam’s questionable health.  Oh and there is a murder to solve.

This novel has China more in the sidelines of the murder investigation and focuses more on Game Warden Mackenzie Chambers.  I have to wonder if this/she is going to be a spin off series.  Bittersweet was your typical Albert novel…a good book to read, some mystery, not too thrilling, not too violent, but overall a pleasant book to read.

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