Framing the Dialogue


bitterrootFormer Texas Ranger Billy Bob Holland travels to Montana to visit an old friend, but mostly to spend time fishing.  The Bitterroot Valley in Montana has become a fashionable place for the rich and famous to live and play.  Other undesirables also have made their way to the wilderness area.  Holland’s friend has no patience for many of the visitors and other folks looking to exploit the natural resources which puts him and consequently Holland at odds with some unsavory characters.  Mayhem ensues in, Bitterroot , as a psychopath is at play and has an axe to grind.  See how I did that?  I used the work psychopath and axe in the same sentence.  Now you are wondering if that person uses and axe.  I’m not telling.

I have read a few of author James Lee Burke’s novels and he seems to feature a psychopath as the foil in each story.  This character is particularly unsavory and he puts you on edge wondering what he is going to do next…where he will appear…to what character he may do harm.  Burke also is masterful and providing a detailed setting that puts you right there with the characters.  You can feel what they feel.

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