Framing the Dialogue


“When it comes to arrogance, power, and lack of accountability, journalists are probably the only people on the planet who make lawyers look good.”

                                                                                       Steven Brill

I am not sure that I agree.  Lawyers would be pretty tough to beat, but journalists have a pretty big soapbox. 

Bernie Goldberg spent nearly thirty years working for CBS news.  Bias is an insider’s view of the liberal bias in the traditional media.  This book is not about talk shows, political pundits, or opinion journalists.  Mr. Goldberg provides an inside look at what is supposed to be NEWS and his expose came at a high cost to his career.

Liberal bias is so ingrained that most in the media don’t recognize it.  It’s not so much that the liberal mass media makes up stories, it practices bias often by what it chooses to print or not to print and how it “labels” opposing views.  One that stuck in my mind was the CBS news treatment of Steve Forbes and his flat tax plan when he was running for president in 1996.  Steve Forbes is a very successful businessman, but his plan was labeled as a “scheme” and an “elixir” in a CBS news story.  What images do you get when you hear the words scheme and elixir? 

Another telling example that Mr. Goldberg outlines in his book is our homeless problem.  It seems that while Ronald Reagan was president reasonable estimates of homeless populations were anywhere from 230,000 to 600,000.  Instead of those estimates, the news media routinely estimated that there were three to five MILLION homeless.  Where did they get that number?

Throughout President Reagan’s tenure news stories abounded about the homeless problem and how little the nasty conservatives cared.  And then a miracle happened in 1990.  “I could be wrong, but I think homelessness ended the day Bill Clinton was sworn in as president.” (Goldberg)

Bad news subsequent to Bias.  George W. Bush was elected and the homeless problem started again.  No bias there, but the good news is that a Democrat will soon be in office and the problems, again, should be resolved.

If you don’t believe that bias exists, watch one of the network news shows carefully.  I wouldn’t ask you to do that unless you really want to see bias.  It probably won’t take you long to see subtle bias before your eyes.  My wife watches the Today Show (I am trying to break her of that habit) and sometimes it’s on before I leave for work. 

There was a report about a national issue one morning and they had representatives of the two opposing viewpoints.  The first to comment was the pundit from the right (sorry I don’t remember his name), but under his name the network listed him as a “conservative commentator.”  Next came the other side and rather than list that person as “liberal commentator,” they were called “NBC News Contributor.” 

This person was every bit a liberal as the conservative was a conservative.  That’s subtle bias that is not so subtle when you recognize it.  Remember this was the network that had Chris Matthews and Keith Olberman heading the coverage of the Republican National Convention.  In their defense, NBC saw the error of their ways (more likely took a lot of heat from viewers) and replaced them for the general election.

Bias was a New York Times Bestseller (that must have frosted the Gray Lady).  It’s sort of funny/sad when left-winged pundits call Fox News conservative.  I guess if you’re so far left, Fox would seem to be on the right.  Don’t take my word for it, read Bias.

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  1. News Briefs – Volume IV / Framing the Dialogue says:

    […] Brief 4:  This story that I found on Breitbart may be the most telling harbinger that the Obama honeymoon is over in the lame stream media.  The Associated Press ran a story about the increase in homelessness in America under the Obama administration.  The only explanation that I can think of is that the author is new to the AP and did not finish reading his playbook.  He must not have known that there is not a “homeless problem” when a Democrat inhabits the White House as shown by Bernie Goldberg in his  book, Bias. […]

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