Framing the Dialogue

Bellman & Black

bellmanSo I may never look at crows (or rooks as they’re referred to in this novel) again.  My intrigue in this book start at the Costco checkout when the young lady who was packing my cart mentioned that she had read another novel by author Diane Setterfield .  She described that novel as “dark.”  I had heard that Bellman & Black was also a little dark.

It is a dark, but well written story of William Bellman and his birth into lower class and how he handles the challenge.  The interesting person is Mr. Black and you’ll have to read the story, as you should, to find out about the real Mr. Black.  This tale is not likely to make you happy, but you’ll enjoy reading it as you might enjoy a work by Edgar Allen Poe.  I’m not suggesting that Ms. Setterfield is like Poe, but she does spin a good tale.

This may be your chance to read a darker book as the weather turns dark.

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