Framing the Dialogue

Becoming the Dragon

“It wasn’t long, however, before Andy learned the lightning had left a rather unusual effect behind. As soon as he sat down at or lingered near a computer, it would slow down and freeze up. The television flickered with static if he came within five feet of it. Andy was forced to withdraw permanently from his lifelong love of gaming. He could never have expected such a cruel blow from Mother Nature. A scar on his neck was one thing — complete with bragging rights and a sort of war story — but to be sentenced to a life without computers? That was a punishment fit for the wretched.”

Andy’s troubles were just starting when he gets caught up in one of his father’s secret experiments.  He finds himself not just far from home, but in a seemingly different world, a place in which he is ill equipped to survive.  His very survival depends on Becoming the Dragon…if he can survive that.

This was an interesting fantasy book for me.  My only complaint is that it is obviously a prelude to the second book, which will be a prelude to the third and so on.  I am not a big fan of this type of writing, especially when one book really doesn’t end at least that story.


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