Framing the Dialogue

Beck Gets Into The GOP’s Grill

imageSo what happens when media mogul, Glenn Beck makes a big show of leaving the Republican Party?  The establishment GOP, or RINOs as I prefer to call them, decide to send out the Architect (of now two consecutive presidential losses), Karl Rove! To poke a stick in Beck’s eye.

“On Friday, Rove appeared on The O’Reilly Factor and mocked Glenn Beck’s announcement earlier in the week that he was leaving the Republican Party.  ‘The Republican Party is largely united on its philosophy,’ Rove told O’Reilly, an assertion with which many conservatives vehemently disagree.”

So technically Rove is correct about the “Republican Party” being largely united in its philosophy, but what he NEVER gets is that many in what is referred to as the “base” differs greatly from the way the Republican Party operates once elected. These are Beck’s folks; this is the choir to whom he preaches; these are the masses who would not vote for the establishment’s Romney while at the same time voting in Republican majorities in state and local elections across the country in 2012.

imageCan there be any doubt that had Republicans turned out in 2012 as they had in 2008 that Romney would be president?  The “folks,” as O’Reilly likes to call them are perhaps fed up with the same bland product and just aren’t going to buy it any more.  Now back to Beck…

“You want to rumble Rove? Come on to my show and let’s have it out,’ Beck challenged Rove.  ‘Bring it on. I would love to take you on WITH YOUR RECORD AND THE RECORD OF THE GOP,’ Beck shouted in capital letters.  ‘You hung yourself on O’Reilly. By using my words to mock me, the audience heard my words. I would bet a good portion agreed with me,’ Beck punched back.”

“You guys have the spine of a worm, the ethics of whores, and the integrity of pirates,’ Beck said of the Republican establishment and consultant class.  He did, however, include a qualifier to his condemnation. ‘My apologies,’ he added, ‘to worms, whores and pirates.”

“Glenn Beck’s rant in response to Rove’s criticism of him leaving the GOP was spot on’” conservative activist and entertainer Lloyd Marcus, ‘the musical Paul Revere of the Tea Party movement,’ and chairman of the Conservative Campaign Committee tells Breitbart News.  ‘Beck brilliantly and passionately chronicled the Republicans’ years of betraying conservative principles and values they promised voters they would champion. I found myself cheering Beck on. Like anyone who is really POed and on a roll in a rant, I kept wanting to add to Beck’s list of the GOP stabbing us in the back,’ Marcus tells Breitbart News.”

“One point that Karl and his Rovians seem to miss this that Beck is vicariously speaking the thoughts of a very large number of people,’ Virginia Tea Party activist Mark Llloyd tells Breitbart News.”

“Karl Rove and his K Street cronies have ruined the Republican party,’ Drew Ryun of the Madison Project tells Breitbart News.  ‘Rather than supporting candidates that run on principle and conservative policies, Rove has pushed for liberal Republicans that only care about power and appeasing the D.C. special interests,’ Ryun says.  ‘Glenn is right to say that Rove should be worried about the American public,’ Ryun adds.  ‘The GOP establishment’s record of cowering to Democrats and refusing to defend the Constitution will not be forgotten by the conservative grassroots that inevitably decide the electoral fate of the Republican Party,’ Ryun concludes.”

“Glenn Beck is right about this issue, though is he isn’t really calling out Rove on the right point,’ Tea Party Nation founder and Washington Times columnist Judson Phillips tells Breitbart News.  ‘If the 2016 Republican nominee listens to Rove or any of the other GOP cabal of consultants, the nominee will lose and lose badly. The only way a Republican wins in 2016 is to fire every consultant, throw away their playbook and start from scratch,’ Phillips says.  ‘The only way a Republican wins in 2016,’ Phillips says, ‘is to create a new game plan where the Republican candidate goes after Blue States and starts taking them away from the Democrats. If the nominee is Jeb Bush or another establishment favorite, we will see a replay of2008/2012.”

If you’d like to read the entire Breitbart article it is here.

Glenn Beck’s open letter is here.

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