Framing the Dialogue

Battle Cry of Freedom

I am a bit of a Civil War buff.  It started with a trip to Gettysburg National Military Park in Pennsylvania.  The Civil War and Gettysburg are two of the most written about subjects in American writing.  I have read numerous books on the glorious battles and the heroic efforts of the combatants.  Their personal stories inspire and make you cry at the same time. 

James M. McPherson is one of the premier writers about that period and as a Pulitzer Prize winner you would expect his work to be first-rate.  I found Battle Cry of Freedom different than other books about that era.  McPherson’s chronology of the period includes a great deal of  “behind the scenes” information about the conflict; the politics, the media, the politicians.

When you see the book, its girth will seem daunting.  I found it worth reading, especially if you have a love of the Civil War.  McPherson’s publisher released an illustrated version and I just received it yesterday to replace my standard version.

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