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Barack’s Christmas List Discovered

Emboldened by the folks who released the data and e-mails creating the Climategate scandal (except for the United States) someone has accessed White House computers and has found President Barack Obama’s Christmas List.  Rumor is that Obama is still a Christian even thought he had to be guilted into putting up the White House nativity Magic Obamaballscene.  The list was partially released to The Garlic web site who leaked only one of the items on his list. 

Based on recent Rasmussen presidential polls, most Americans are thinking he is more naughy than nice so the jury is still out on whether he will get this gift. 

It seems that our president wants a custom-made Magic 8 Ball.  Since this ball will be customized for Barack it will be called the Magic Obamaball.  In case you grew up in another country, the magic in the ball gives answers when asked “yes” or “no” questions.  Holding the ball with the screen faced down, ask your questions, give a shake (the ball), turn over to reveal the answer. 

magic8ball apologizeWe were able to get a sneak peak at some of Obama’s custom answers and wanted to share them with you.  [Hint:  If you have a hard time reading the messages, click on the image to enlarge.]

The story is that he will be able to switch out answer cubes based on his travel itinerary.  This module would be for travel abroad.

magic8ball cash forBuilding on the reported success (not actual success mind you) of the Cash For Clunkers program, this response could prompt additional programs.  We are trying to figure out what the question was when he came up with the Cash For Caulkers Program and hoping that he did not hear incorrectly.  Some have speculated that the question was actually from an ACORN volunteer and was not about silicone for windows.  ACORN would not comment when asked for a statement.

magic8ball george sorosWhile there is no real direct connection between the Prez and Grampa Munster, you don’t have to go through many “degrees” to get from George Soros to the White House.  How much do Democrats benefit from Soros money and Soros supported organizations?  Why doesn’t some reporter followed Soros’ money to see where it leads and who benefits from his benevolence?  Is he the man behind the curtain?  How much influence does he have in Washington political circles?

magic8ball its bushs fault

 You would expect that after nearly a year in office and even longer since his coronation that this answer would be worn out.  Many voters no longer accept this excuse.  This answer is interchangeable with “inherited from a previous administration” although some think that could actually refer to his Secretary of State.  [hint: she could not pass a comprehensive health care bill]  Where is Hillary?  Has anyone seen our Secretary of State?

magic8ball let me be clear

This one mimics one of Obama’s favorite catch phrases.  Some suggest that if you are really honest and truthful, you do not need to pre-qualify your remarks with “let me be perfectly clear.”  Are we to assume that when you do not use the phrase that you are not perfectly clear?  Others ask whether being perfectly clear has an expiration date like many of his campaign promises.  Sentences often are followed by a sentence containing the word “but” and we know that everything before but is…

magic8ball lets raise taxes

This seems like an unnecessary response for a Democrat.  It was leaked that this is from a special Obamaball for questions relating to budget items.  All of the sides have the same response.  It is a proven fact that raising tax rates always results in additional tax revenue to the federal government.  Wait.  That’s not right.  It is the opposite as lowering tax rates allows people to invest their money and tax revenue increases.

magic8ball nobel prize

We have all been repeatedly told how smart President Obama by the experts in the lame stream media.  Head cheerleader Chris Matthews still gets thrills up his leg when he hears Obama speak.  [as an aside to Mr. Matthews I suggest that if he change that phrase to gives me goose bumps, it would be less gay…not that there is anything wrong with that.]  Although we have never seen Obama’s grades, papers, or anything to prove his intelligence, the media continually tells us he is smart.  Now like the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz movie, Obama can show us his medal.  Look what the medal did for Al Gore inventing the Internet and saving the planet.

magic8ball totus

 This one is more of a dodge like the original “ask again later” answer from the original Magic 8 Ball.  It is unclear who controls TOTUS (“Teleprompter of the United States”) so I would like to follow Barack Obama when he gets this one to see whose council that he seeks.  In another Wizard of Oz reference, I would like to see who lurks behind the curtain.

magic8ball yes we can

 Borrowing one from his campaign we know that he can; create jobs, eliminate earmarks, lower the deficit, lower the debt, unite the country, make the world love America, guarantee that 95% of Americans will not get their taxes raised, change politics in Washington, listen to good ideas from both sides of the aisle, keep unemployment below 8%, catch Osama bin Laden, cover Michelle’s arms, etc. 

He probably can do these things, but has not.  It seems like the only one he is close to completing is uniting the country.  If recent polls are an indication, the country is becoming united against his big government spending.

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