Framing the Dialogue


It was over a decade ago when I discovered American hero, Scot Harvath.  Harvath is the epicenter of Brad Thor’s novels about the secretive men and women who keep this country safe.  While the series’ are novels, I hope that there are such people dedicated to the safety of our country.  I look forward to each summer when Mr. Thor blesses us with another Harvath novel.  There are only a few authors who consistently thrill me with their novels.  As much as I read and rate books, Brad Thor’s books make most action thrillers pale in comparison.

“As one of America’s top intelligence operatives, he had been a prime target for the Russians. His knowledge of spy networks, covert operations, and classified programs was invaluable. But that wasn’t the only reason they wanted him. Year after year, he had been behind some of the most successful operations against the Russian military and Russian intelligence. As such, he had ranked very near the top of a little-known, clandestine kill list maintained in Moscow.”

In Backlash, Harvath witnesses unspeakable events to the closest people in his life.  I generally don’t like to give much away, but the symbol of Russia in on the book jacket, so it’s not a stretch to note that the Russians may be the bad guys here.  Harvath is taken by a team of Russians with intent of torturing and killing him.  Backlash is his struggle to survive, get to freedom and as you would expect, exact revenge.

“Inside every human being was a very dark, very cold place. Sealed behind a heavy iron door, the cold dark was populated by the worst demons known to man. But crack that door—even just an inch—and out all of the demons would fly. And once they had escaped, there would be no bringing them back until they had fed. What they would feed upon was what worried McGee the most. In the case of Harvath’s demons, only one thing would satiate them. Revenge.”

It’s funny every year I anticipate a new novel from Mr. Thor, hungrily read it, and wish for more.  I am unable to savor the story.  I stayed up at night long beyond my bedtime caught in the furor of the action and that, as you may know, is about as high a compliment that I can give.  Read this book!


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