Framing the Dialogue

Back Blast

Back Blast is the fifth in the Gray Man series about a former black ops “soldier” who for some reason the United States’ intelligence leadership wants eliminated.  With the threat of terminate-on-site hanging over his head, he does the only logical thing…he returns to America to face the threat and find out why his life is threatened.  You would think that his enemies would be thrilled about his return to the states, but they know that the Gray Man is the best at his craft and that craft is gathering intelligence and killing.

“Court had been away from the United States for five years. It occurred to him now that this America didn’t feel much different than some of the more dangerous third-world countries he’d operated in. He’d always thought of the U.S. as home, as a sanctuary, as his safe place. But that was fantasy. He knew the truth was just the opposite.  This was Indian country. He was a wanted man here. There existed danger and menace at every turn. After a moment, Court Gentry walked on, bundling his jacket around him to ward off the cold fog.”

This is the second of the gray man novels that I have read…obviously not in order.  They have been typical of the genre of “rogue” operatives in that they are full of action and suspense.  They haven’t been “keep me up at night reading,” but Back Blast was a great read and I’ll certainly read the rest over time.

“He did not for a moment think things were patched up or in any way simpatico between himself and Gentry, but he wasn’t so sure the world’s best assassin would put a bullet in his brain, either. He put the chances somewhere around sixty-forty in his favor. Still . . . only a forty percent chance that the world’s best assassin was gunning for him didn’t exactly fill Matt Hanley with serenity.”


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