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Claus (Legend of the Fat Man)

“The timesnapper sped up the atoms inside the sleigh while offsetting the corresponding heat. For the individuals within a timesnap bubble, the world around them remained still. They could travel around the world in a single night. If they wanted. The lights on the palace dimmed for a moment. They would sense the timesnap activation and ignite their own. For a moment, Vixen and the sleigh plunged through suspended snowflakes and frozen sixleggers.”

Spider’s Web

A relative suggest that one of her favorite authors is Mike Omer and that I should try one of his novels.  Spider’s Web seemed like a good place to start and I borrowed for free with Amazon Prime.  Cannot beat that price.

“When Kendele selected the songs for her jogging playlist, she didn’t pause to think “What if I die hearing this?”  It wasn’t a question that normally occurred to her, though perhaps on that day it should have.”

Bed and Breakfast and Murder

“I really, really should have known better. It had only been two weeks, but honestly. Owning a B&B was like wrangling a house full of two-year-olds who alternated between cranky demands and petulant whining topped with the biggest messes I’d ever seen in my entire life.”

In Bed and Breakfast and Murder, Fiona Fleming inherits a B&B and tries to make a go of it.  With a flighty friend as a host and two staff who are indispensable, but don’t seem to like her, it’s a very stressful business. When a man claims he owns the property, then ends up dead, Fiona is the prime suspect and has to become the prime investigator.


I am planning a trip this spring to hike/encounter/enjoy the Mighty Five National Parks in southern Utah (Zion, Bryce Canyon, Arches, Capital Reef, and Canyonlands) and some of the other National Monuments and state parks.  To make my trip more affordable and get a feel for RVing, which I aspire to do upon retirement, I am “camping” in an SUV.  I am planning to rent one once I fly in to either Salt Lake City or Las Vegas.  SUV RVing by Tristan Higbee contains a lot of tips and tricks to make this vacation more enjoyable.  There are a number of folks who do this with their own SUV, but my limitation is that I have to pack and fly with mostly all of the dry goods that I’ll need for my trip.  Many of the authors tips won’t work for me…this trip.  He even made a folding, collapsible toilet.  I plan to spend time at some of the dozens of Visitors Centers to take care of that business.  My wife did buy me an aluminum spade shovel in case I need to dig a little privy hole.

Carpe Diem

Put a little Latin in your life

You may be thinking “why would someone buy a book about Latin?”  In my defense, the cover and a browse through the book made it look interesting.  It was not, at least for me.  There were parts where the author provided some interesting tidbit about history and even ended the book with the origins of some more commonly know Latin phrases.  That didn’t balance what were essentially Latin lessons.

This may be the book for some folks, but it wasn’t for me.

Caveat Emptor

True Fiction

“He’d dreamed up a terrorist plot to kill hundreds of people as a hypothetical scenario for the CIA so they could prevent it from ever happening. Instead the CIA used his idea to attack their own country for some twisted reason he couldn’t imagine. Or maybe he could, given enough time. He was a writer and imagining was his job.  But time was something he didn’t have . . . because the CIA was out to kill him.”

The Protocol

So sorry that it’s been a while since I posted.  WordPress updated their website and pushed a new post editor.  I could not get my posts to look like I wanted so I took a pause while I figured things out.  I’ve still been reading and have a lot of posts coming soon.  Thanks for reading along with me.

I’m back now.

BTW, this will be a milestone 700 post in my book reviews!  Now to the book.

One Second After

William Forstchen takes us into his hometown in North Carolina, Black Mountain, for the setting of this novel.  In One Second After, we get a brief glimpse of the comfortable life in this rural community until…

“Hey, Dad, something strange.” “Yeah?” “Listen.” He stood there silent for a moment. It was a quiet spring evening with the exception of a few birds chirping, the distant bark of a dog … rather nice, actually. “I don’t hear anything.” “That’s it, Dad. There’s no traffic noise from the interstate.”

The Monster Games

I seem to be doing this comparison thing lately in my book reviews and I am not sure that it’s a good thing? This story combines the powerful creature hunting of Mortal Instruments, the competition like Hunger Games, while keeping just enough Scooby Doo humor.  In book two of the Fright Squad series, The Monster Games, our trio of monster fighters left BEAST and hung up their own “shingle”.  They are functionally broke and are given an opportunity to literally win the weight of their client in gold and the client is quite large.  Only catch is that Abe, Maddie, and Zack have to beat the monsters, most of whom would rather kill these humans than win the contest.

You Only Live Once

Imagine Bond, James Bond meets Cuckoos Nest and you have a peek into Haris Orkin’s You Only Live Once. Instead of Mr. Bond we meet James Flynn, a loveable and adept mental patient or spy or mental patient or spy.  I’m never quite sure.  Join Mr. Flynn as he takes on layers of organized crime to try to rescue Q, M, and many others and stay one step ahead of the police and the guys with the straightjackets.