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Aunt Sammie’s Day Care

I ran across a wonderful daycare service recently that many my age would have appreciated when our children were in need of day care. Aunt Sammie’s Day Care provides care, food, and education services to your child and best of all it is FREE. I was interested to find out that Aunt Sammie offers care to children from “prenatal to aged three” in one of their programs. Child care before they are born! You’ll be pleased to know that Aunt Sammie’s is in fact a non-profit corporation with nearly 2,900 locations with over 56,000 classrooms and served over one million in 2009-2010. Did I mention that it is FREE?

Of course there is a catch. The free part only applies to the children and families eligible for their services who are described as “at-risk” while the rest of us paid $9,300,000,000.00 (that’s $9.3 billion) for Aunt Sammie’s services in FY 2009/2010. Of course I am talking about the Head Start and Early Head Start programs. Head Start is one of those up on the pedestal entitlement programs that dare not be touched by politicians and in particular Republicans. There are few better Democrat campaign positions than when an opponent wants to reign in the spending on Head Start.

“I don’t need another tax cut. Warren Buffett doesn’t need another tax cut. Not if we have to pay for it by making seniors pay more for Medicare. Or by cutting kids from Head Start.”

BHO (April 13, 2011 in a speech at Georgetown University)

Unfortunately for the children and the taxpayers the Head Start program does not give kids any actual head start as reported in the Washington Post,

“A substantial number of Head Start programs are so ineffective that they do little or nothing to boost child development and learning. A recent evaluation sponsored by the Department of Health and Human Services confirmed that at the end of the first year of school, children who had attended Head Start did no better than similar children who did not attend Head Start. The bottom line is that taxpayers get little for their annual investment of $8 billion in Head Start.”

In a not too surprising approach to reforming the failed program, Obama proposed to study it for a few years before requiring results which in federal government time is probably 5 years. If my math is correct that would be another $45 billion dollars of wasted money as described by Representative Joe Walsh (R-Ill),

“And after all the funding and attempts to reform Head Start, the Department of Health and Human Services and the General Accountability Office and numerous independent studies have determined that there is substantial waste in Head Start… The results don’t at all support major government investment, let alone the nearly $1 billion the President is so adamant about adding to Head Start funding.”

While Head Start’s inception were probably founded in a worthy ideal its implementation and swelling in size has rendered it little more than a taxpayer-funded day care system. If that is the current program function then any continuation of funding should be debated on that basis. Let’s not call it “education” when in reality it is not. At some point we have to face the fact that people below the poverty line MUST pick themselves up and grab for the American Dream and opportunity for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The Aunt Sammie State (Nanny State) must cease for these people to flourish.

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  1. JadedInSanDiego says:

    There are sociological changes in society that has led to the “Nanny State”- but not a lot of folks seem to talk about those changes. So, let me try my hand at it if I may.

    Consider the basic differences between the sexes. What do men cherish virtually above all else? The answer is freedom. And what do women cherish virtually above all else? The answer is security. In a patriarchal society where men guide the social policies of a country or nation- those policies will always revolved around the idea of freedom as defined by said culture. And in a patriarchal society, those who rebel against the established rule of freedom will always do so because the established rule of freedom is deemed oppressive. However, in a matriarchal society where women guide the social policies of a country or nation, policies effecting freedoms will generally be subservient to policies effecting security, and those policies will always revolve around the idea of security as defined by said culture. In a matriarchal society, those who rebel against the established rule of security will always do so because the established rule of security is deemed inadequate in both principle and practice.

    Since America has long ago ceased being in any way masculine, our country has also traded freedom for security. We have become a “Nanny State” that guarantees everyone security and safety at a perilous cost that our great country hasn’t fully grasped as yet but absolutely will soon enough. Welcome to the emasculated America- the new America of the feminized progressive left. Welcome to an America where people are confused as to who they are, what they were created to be, and who look into their pants and ask themselves why they have to be forced to somehow accept and identify with what’s between their legs.

    Of course, Mother Gaia is certainly pleased with how our nation has progressed and evolved into a spineless, gutless, male-less pile of pony scat.
    Our Heavenly Father- well, not so much…

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