Framing the Dialogue


image“Conners sat back at her desk and looked at the three images Foreman had requested.  There was no type of man-made interference that could do that as far as she knew. Conners stared at the three pictures once more.  But something had.”

In the novel Atlantis many disparate paths cross as a growing threat is realized.  In author Bob Mayer’s world knowledge of the threat unfortunately doesn’t mean you understand the threat or where it’s coming from or what exactly the threat is or even how to stop it.  A world used to conventional warfare is ill equipped to face this enemy as it grows stronger!

The story wound through some of histories great mysteries as Mayer wove his tale. Such a journey can be disjointed and at times this was.  I found it to be a rather long, winding story with a rather quick end and sadly a cliffhanger to the next installment. So rather than an end we have more to come. This one was good enough though to look forward to another.

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