Framing the Dialogue


“Enough” shouted George Soros, “the American people have figured us out.  I am tired of seeing stupid TEA Party folks grabbing headlines.  We need to respond and have our own rally in Washington.  Money is no object.  Just get more people there than Beck had.” 

This is of course fictional, but I envision that similar conversations were held throughout the liberal/progressive elitist organizations and universities since Glenn Beck’s widely successful 8-28 march on Washington. 

The liberal answer is coming this Saturday and has been dubbed; One Nation Working Together or as I like to call it “Workers of the World Unite.”  It will be interesting to contrast the behavior of those attending this rally compared to the TEA Party events or Beck’s event.  This should be fairly easy as Beck seems to have documented the people at his rally, their behavior, and most importantly their numbers.  We know how the lame stream media portrayed this event.  Hopefully they will be fair and balanced in reporting on Soros’ event.  One question I’d like asked of the union members in particular is who paid for their transportation.

The list of liberal groups who have glammed on to the One Nation rally is quite interesting.  I put a little video sample together for your entertainment.  I could not list all of them, but I found it interesting that there are both Jewish groups and a group called the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation.  My guess is that they probably won’t stand next to each other.

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