Framing the Dialogue

As We Forgive Those Who Trespass Against Us

Sometimes I need help explaining what appears to be inexplicable…

Our local chapter of the “Occupy” movement (though they really don’t move all that much) has been occupying a local, privately owned park in the downtown area of Pittsburgh.  The owner, BNY New York, had been allowing the occupation, but recently figured out that placating stooges who hate you won’t make them like you.  In fact they lose respect for you, feel like they can push you around, and seek more.  That’s the whole “Occupy” movement.

So now that BNY Mellon decided that they want their property back they just need to shoo the protesters away right?  This is the part where I need help.  BNY Mellon has had to repeatedly go to court to evict the trespassers. 

“BNY Mellon is asking Allegheny County Common Pleas Judge Christine A. Ward to allow it to evict protesters from its Downtown park. Testimony is scheduled to continue this morning.”

The “Occupy” protesters have been allowed by BNY Mellon to squat on their property and now that BNY Mellon wants their property back they have to take the protesters to court.  It’s BNY Mellon’s property; the “Occupy” folks are trespassing; there is no disputing that fact!  Why don’t the police just vacate the vagrants.  I really did not want to use the word “evict” as I think they only had a legal right to be there as long as BNY Mellon allowed it.  Why would I have to spend money in court to get someone to stop trespassing on my property?

I don’t have my money in any BNY Mellon institutions or stocks so the fact that they are spending thousands of dollars in legal fees doesn’t affect me, but it seems like a complete waste of money.  I would actually consider BNY Mellon’s troubles payment for their coddling anarchists if it wasn’t for the fact that I do pay taxes in the county where the legal action is taking place and will ultimately foot the bill for the legal proceedings.

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