Framing the Dialogue

As The Debt Turns

For those of us that lean fiscally conservative the following headline was meant to give solace to the frighteningly steep rise in our nation’s debt;

House votes to deny Obama more borrowing authority

The borrowing refers to the need to yet again raise our debt ceiling and allow politicians the ability to spend more by borrowing more.  I, unlike the article’s author, used the term “politicians” rather than just Obama when referring to the one(s) doing the borrowing.  This story is should be primer on how the political class (both right and left and middle) play the game to ensure that they stay in power while seeming to play to their bases.

View from the right:

“The Republican-led House began its first full legislative day of the New Year by reigniting one of last year’s pivotal partisan fights – the debt ceiling…The House voted largely along party lines Wednesday to deny President Obama an increase in new borrowing.”

Doesn’t that sound like what conservatives want?  This will force Obama to cut spending right?  Not so fast buddy.

View from the left:

“Because the measure is expected to stall in the Senate, which Democrats control, and is opposed by Obama, it is unlikely to prevent the $1.2 trillion debt ceiling increase.”

View from the masses:

  • The right can campaign that they consistently voted against Obama and raising the debt ceiling.
  • The left can campaign that they held ground against the right and ensured that the federal government was not shut down.
  • Democrats and Republicans both get to continue spending like crazy.
  • We foot the bill
  • We continue to get screwed

Like money through the printing press these are the days of our debts…

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