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Are You Smarter Than…

This posting is a quiz based on recent news stories and will test your ability to discern the correct answers to the questions.  Good Luck!

Are you smarter than politicians?

Question 1:  Senator John McCain and Senator Tom Coburn recently released a report, Summertime Blues, detailing some of the worst cases of wasted tax dollars.  We have almost become immune to these types pet projects that scream WASTE!  I don’t know where Sen. Coburn stands on the issue of earmark, but Senator McCain has been steadfast in his fight against them and has refused to participate and we should celebrate his efforts.  One of the items on the list was a mere $712,883.00 to build a machine that tells jokes.  Here is the test.  Which of the following is the machine?

 Are you smarter than a “correspondent”?

Question 2:  Cuba’s retired communist dictator, Fidel Castro, stunned many when he recently admitted in an interview with an American correspondent that Cuba’s communist model doesn’t work.  The article noted that; “He said Castro made the comment casually over lunch following a long talk about the Middle East and did not elaborate.”  Atlantic Magazine reporter, Jeffrey Goldberg, must have been stunned by the admission about the liberal Nirvana that is Cuba.  Imagine that you are a “correspondent” and had gotten this little nugget from a famous communist leader.  What would your follow up question be?

A.  Excuse me Senior Castro please elaborate?

B.  Perdóneme Senior Castro por favor explíquese?

C.  Извините меня Сенайор Кастро, пожалуйста уточните?

D.  All of the above

 Are you smarter than a czar (car czar that is)?

Question 3:  The former Obama car czar not only deserted the Administration’s sinking ship, he had the nerve to write a tell-all book about his experience in the Obama White House, Overhaul.  This is perhaps the first of many in this genre as political folks desert Goodship Obama to save their political lives.  The author admits that; Obama was frustrated with the auto companies from the start: “Why can’t they make a Corolla?” he has Obama asking; presidential political adviser David Axelrod coming to car meetings armed with poll data to support the takeover and Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel identify Congressmen in whose districts large Chrysler facilities were located [any chance this information was used to decide which dealerships to force closes?]; and my favorite; Chief of Staff Rahm Emanual dictated Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s schedule, public appearances and staff selections.   I am not sure whether the national media will bury the story or hold him up as a pariah.  What is the name of this former Obama Car Czar?

A.  Ratatouille

B.  Steve Rattner

C.  Mickey Mouse

D.  Ron Bloom

Are you smarter than a government economist?

 Question 4:  In much needed good employment news the jobless claims in the United States decreased more than expected in the most recent week.  To what does America owe the improvement in jobless numbers?

A.  The report week included the Labor Day holiday which allowed one less day (or 20%) fewer opportunities to enroll.

B.  Two states (California and Virginia) did not file their returns and “estimated” their numbers.

C.  Six states (Illinois, Idaho, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Michigan, and Washington) and D.C. did not file reports so the federal government “estimated” their numbers.

D.  A, B, and C.

E.  I need duct tape to keep my head from exploding.

Are you smarter than a community organizer?

Question 5Much has been made about our national debt/deficit since the Democrats took control of Congress in 2006 and Obama elected in 2008.  Which former United States president has increased our national debt more than Obama?

A.  George W. Bush

B.  William Jefferson Clinton

C.  Ronald Reagan

D.  Every president prior to Obama through Ronald Reagan


Question 1:  The answer, of course is “D – Robert Gibbs.  Wanda Sykes, though billed as a comedian just isn’t funny and no self-respecting scientist would have released a comedic prototype that was this bad.  Al Gore is just far too robotic to actually be a robot and Rick Sanchez is just too stupid to be anything other than a product of the public school system.  Though I don’t get the Gibbs humor model, I suspect that he is considered funny in the liberal halls of academia.

Question 2:  The answer is, of course, “D – All of the above” since they all ask the same question.  Allowing that Castro “did not elaborate” says to me that the “correspondent” did not pursue the line of questioning perhaps he still had not explored the world-class Cuban health care system and did not want to get distracted by the explosive comment.  One mustn’t insult or disparage liberal icons like Castro, Che, or Chavez.

Question 3:  The answer is “B – Steve Rattner” and I bet you are impressed how I wove that whole rat/sinking ship reference through the question considering his name is Rattner.  Ron Bloom is now the unofficial car czar for Obama and a former employee of the United Steelworkers Union.

Question 4:  The answer is D with a huge helping of E.

Question 5:  Here I am trying to trick you again.  The correct answer is not one of the choices.  CNS News reports that; “In the first 19 months of the Obama administration, the federal debt held by the public increased by $2.5260 trillion, which is more than the cumulative total of the national debt held by the public that was amassed by all U.S. presidents from George Washington through Ronald Reagan.”  There is no response from the White House on when they expect to expand that list to include Bush 1, Clinton, and Bush 2.

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