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Are You Gruber’d Up Yet?

grubergateI don’t hold much hope that anything earth-shaking will come of GruberGate (I am not sure if any news outlet used that yet) as politicians are out to score points for votes and are basically all big government wonks.  It is interesting that the lame-stream media is starting to be dragged into the fray (kicking and whimpering).  The videos are just too powerful to give them coverage to ignore the controversy.  I am not sure that I read this right or maybe I just cannot believe the HuffPo would dare go against Oblama, but the Weekly Standard reported;

“That source adds that, not only was Gruber one of the CBO’s academic advisors at the time that Obamacare was scored — a claim echoed by the Huffington Post — but two of Gruber’s graduate student protégés worked on the scoring. “

The Weekly Standard article produces a sickening time-line showing the duplicity of the media and politicians in pulling one over on the American public.  One has to ask whether this was an inside job;

“an overwhelming number of the ostensibly independent statements or scores that were made or published in support of Obamacare —from Krugman, Klein, Brownstein, the DNC, Reid, Pelosi, Sebelius, and even, to a significant degree, the CBO itself — were traceable to the support of one man and his model.  And that man was Jonathan Gruber, who was secretly under contract with the Obama administration.”

Do yourself a favor and read this story.

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