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Are the Czars Out Tonight

Much has been written about Obama’s use of “Czars” by his administration.  These extra-Constitutional advisors had been used by other presidents, but never before had so many had so much power in our government.  That is the trouble that many of us have with the Obama czar explosion when he took office. He appointed around thirty highly paid advisors, gave them big budgets, gave them staff, and in some cases gave them lots of power…unchecked power.  None of Obama’s czars were confirmed by the Senate.  Their power was not balanced by any other branch of government.  They enjoy nearly cabinet level status in this White House.  Quite a few of them are controversial because of their views and/or statements.  Perhaps the most infamous was Green Jobs Czar Van Jones who had to “resign” because of some of his views.

Republicans have been trying to rein in the reign of the czars and had introduced legislation designed to curb their rule.  Always deflected before by the Democrats, the most recent attempt by Representative Steve Scalise (R-LA) may have a chance in the 112th Congress dominated by Republicans in the House.  The legislation shines light on the “czar” designation as advisors that were appointed to positions of authority that were not mandated by Congress and “without the advice and consent of the Senate.”  Rep. Scalise does not propose to fire the czars, but he proposes perhaps the most effective weapon against government, cutting their funding.

I guess if they want to volunteer their time in the service of the government they would be able to hang around, just no funding.  The option would likely exist for President Obama to bring them forward for Senate confirmation.  I would rate the chance of that as between “slim” and “none.”

I would handicap the legislation as passing in the House, 50/50 in the Senate and an Obama veto if it gets to his desk.  The mere likelihood that this may fail should not deter conservatives from pursuing it.  How many delicious sound bites will be realized by anyone who defends the right of extreme power for the Executive Branch.  This would also be a good test to determine whether the left care only about power and not government balance as stated in our Constitution. Bring it on!

[Please note that this post reflects the opinion of the author and in no way is meant to excite violence against public officials. I wish them no bodily harm…only to fire them and allow them to pursue their life’s work.}

February 8, 2011 update is available at this link.

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