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I’ve gotten to the point that before I read a newspaper article (yes I still read the newspaper every day) I read the headline then where the news story originated.  For many news sources like the Washington Post, the LA Times, and the New York Times that is where I stop because their slanted reporting is more than I can take.  If the story looks interesting I’ll look for a more reliable online source.  One news source that seems both prolific and particularly biased is the Adulterated Press (or “AP”).

A front page story in my local paper headlined that “Ex-N.J. governor leaves MF Global” which probably doesn’t say too much to entice you to read the story.  This AP story is about Democrat ex-governor Jon Corzine who was defeated by Republican Chris Christie in the heavily Democrat state of New Jersey.  That has nothing to do with the story although you would have had to read through to the seventeenth paragraph (and after the article was “continued on A6”) to find out that Corzine is a Democrat.  Again, being a Democrat is not all that germane to the story about the collapse of Corzine’s MF Global and the missing 6oo million dollars, but had it been a Republican the headline probably would have been more like this,

Ex-N.J. DEMOCRAT governor is forced to resign from MF Global, $600 million missing

That would clearly be a better and more accurate headline, but since he was a Democrat that part was pushed later.  There were

also a number of other pertinent facts mysteriously left out of the AP story that were widely reported by other news organizations

“MF Global recently made a bond sale with an unusual clause, saying the interest rate on the bonds would rise 1 percent if Corzine ended up being appointed to a post in the Obama administration. There has been speculation that he could be in line for Treasury secretary if the president is reelected.”

As it turns out Mr. Corzine is available unless he goes to jail unless he choses to use his “get out of jail free” card…

“The bankrupt financial company MF Global, now under federal investigation for possibly misusing clients’ money, is one of the top sources of contributions for President Obama’s reelection, complicating the campaign’s effort to turn public anger at Wall Street into a political advantage.  Employees of the company have given $108,650 to Obama’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee, according to federal records. MF Global’s chairman and chief executive, former New Jersey governor Jon Corzine, has raised at least $500,000 for the campaign and the DNC as a “bundler,” or volunteer fundraiser.”

These were rather routine facts that almost all articles that I have read on the subject have mentioned.  Why didn’t the AP?  You have got to love the term “bundler” as this may be how Barack Obama goes down in history.  The amount of money (i.e. our tax dollars) he has given to his “bundlers” is astounding.  Pay to play…Chicago style.  Perhaps the AP can do a story about bundlers and how they reap what they sow from the Obama Administration.  They may actually do such a thing if they can also point to George Bush doing the same/similar thing even if they have to distort the truth.

Another AP story in today’s paper noted that Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ husband has written a book about her and the tragedy.  First off why does everyone feel like they need to write a book?  The AP listed some of the books’ highlights with one being that Giffords was disappointed that Sarah Palin did not call since here web site “targeted” Giffords district,

“Kelly [Giffords’ husband] thought Sarah Palin might call to offer condolences because of a map the former Alaskan governor had posted with crosshairs, but Palin never did.”

Again this is the Democrat narrative that Palin somehow was culpable because some fruitcake snapped and shot Giffords and many others.  That narrative was disproved almost as long ago as the “Gore won Florida” myth yet it was apparently mentioned in the book and of course repeated by the AP.  

Here are some stories that I would like the AP to delve deeply into:

  1. I mentioned the “bundler” issue above.  It doesn’t matter to me if they go after Republicans too, but this “bundler” thing sounds a whole lot like “lobbying” in return for favors.  Each contribution is smaller, but when bundled it is a nice chunk of money that probably has strings.
  2. Obamacare one year later…its costs…its ups…its downs…how much have we learned about what’s in it now that it is passed (maybe Nancy Pelosi know now too)
  3. Solyndra – the whole story.
  4. Jon Corzine – what did he know and when did he know it.
  5. Fast and Furious – how can the media ignore this MAJOR scandal of the Obama Administration where at least one U.S. Border Agent was killed with weapons that the Obama Justice Department allowed to go across the Mexican border?  Was stimulus money used to buy guns and send them to Mexican drug cartels.
  6. Why did Obama want to kill Quaddafi (Libya) and not Assad (Syria). 
  7. How did Obama send troops into a sovereign country (Pakistan) to carry out an operation (killing bin Laden)?  What will the long-term implications be for Pakistan’s cooperation in the future?  It actually probably could be worse.
  8. Now that we’ve killed Quaddafi why do Libyans still hate us?
  9. An in-depth look at the anti-Semetic undercurrents in the Occupy Wall Street movement. 
  10. The Obama-Rezko connection. 

So I had some fun trying to find a different name for the AP while allowing them to keep the “AP.”

  • Adulterated Press
  • Associated PublicRelations (it’s not APR if you jam them together)
  • Asinine Press
  • Asinine Progressives
  • Absolute Progressives
  • Absent Proof
  • Adoring Press

I look forward to any of your ideas…

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