Framing the Dialogue

Angels In The Moonlight

“As long as you tell me everything you know, and ha – believe me, I can tell if you don’t – then your problem will go away. In fact, I will open this door, leave your car and disappear from your life entirely, providing that the next words out of your mouth are the ones I want to hear. Do you understand?” Jason Armstrong nodded.  “Excellent. I am so happy to hear that we can help each other get rid of these trifling problems. I do so hate problems. You may begin speaking – now.”

I mistakenly read the third novel in author Caimh McDonnell’s Dublin Trilogy, but it turns out that is a prequel, so I did alright…though confused when I read the second in the series.  In Angels in the Moonlight we meet detective Bunny McGarry who is large and larger than life.  He is an officer who doesn’t mind crossing the line to solve a crime or just to get answers.  In this novel, McGarry has to catch one of the most daring gang of armed robbers.

This novel has its intense moments, but there is a lot of humor in the story.  I’ve enjoyed the series as you note that I’ve read them all fairly recently.

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