Framing the Dialogue

And They Let Them Drive!

Perhaps worse than being tailgated by some idiot is following another with inane messages adorning their car’s rear.  I cannot call them bumper stickers because so many of these whack-jobs do not have a clue where to find that part of their car.  Here are some of my least favorites…

I was taking my youngest to JoAnn Fabrics to pick up some supplies for a school project and came across this gem.  I usually let these pass, but this one really pissed me off.  The nerve of some idiot actually equating a human life with the life of an animal that we might kill and eat. 

I recognize that abortion (not pro-choice like they’d like you to believe) is a liberal alter, but actually comparing killing and sucking out an unborn child to the killing of livestock is over the top.  No one advocates inhumane treatment of animals.  The owner of this car must be so screwed up I wonder why we let them drive let alone vote. 

Another license that should be revoked (and prevent them from driving to the polling precinct) is this verbose sticker.  Neither the Department of Education nor the Department of Defense are hurting for funding.  The only difference is that the D.O.D. has had some successes to justify their spending levels.  Winning several wars and protecting us for decades seem worthwhile.

The D.O.E., however has not had much success.  The CATO institute published an evaluation of federal education spending and the news is not good.  Actually it is quite bad;

“federal education spending per pupil has nearly tripled since 1970 in real, inflation-adjusted dollars — but achievement has barely budged. In fact, the only subject in which achievement at the end of high school has changed by more than 1 percent is science, and it has gotten worse.”

I would accept defunding both Departments and allowing Americans to decide which they would prefer to buy cookies to support.  We can also defund the IRS, Welfare Department, State Department, Department of Justice, Congress, and the White House.  The good news for this simpleton is that they actually got the sticker on their bumper.  Hooray!

This one is a triple threat.  It was a she and since I saw it at least six months after Obama took the throne (in his mind) she is either gloating, rubbing it in, or just plain forgot.  She also missed the bumper, but since most bumpers are plastic getting the Obama stickers off might be easier. 

The time is rapidly coming when these progressives will actually want to hide their support for this regime.  I blurred the license plate number to protect the stupid.  Aren’t Mini Coopers made in England?  So much for supporting Government Motors.

Another wealthy Obama supporter.  What kind of idiot buys a fifty thousand dollar car and puts a sticker on the tailgate?  The answer is…an aging baby boomer who grew up in the sixties and although has made a lot of money, still considers those their glory days.  Essentially an anti-establishment twerp who has not yet come to the realization that THEY ARE NOW THE ESTABLISHMENT!  I am guessing a woman in sandals and pig tails or a bald guy with pony tail also wearing sandals.

…and finally I’ll end with one from the good guys.  We can put our views on our cars too.  If you want to see more that may not be very complimentary of the Obama regime you can follow this link to an earlier posting. 

I often consider buying stock in the company that makes Goo Gone as Obama’s poll numbers continue to decline.  There may be a lot of progressives who are going to look to desert the sinking ship soon.  An alternative would be to market and sell a transparent circle with the slash so that these folks can switch sides and cover up their hope for change.

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