Framing the Dialogue

An Unexpected Afterlife

“How in God’s name had he spent the night—naked—in the Mount of Olives Cemetery? Hayya alas sala-a-ah!  Hayya alal fala-a-ah! A ball of searing pain burst behind his right eyeball. He fell to one knee and released a hand from modesty duty to massage his temple. Of course! His birthday party last night. He had sipped a glass of Recanati Merlot as he discussed his business plans with Galit’s grandmother. He had looked about for Galit and then… a black interplanetary void. He had never drunk to blackout before, not even in his single days, but that would explain the headache. It might also help explain his current predicament. The muezzin call ended. He glanced at his wrist and swore under his breath. His watch—his dear father’s Rolex, the heirloom from his grandfather—was gone. Moshe took it off only to shower. One person alone would dare take his watch. One person alone would abandon him overnight and buck naked in an East Jerusalem graveyard. Moshe would deal with him later. For now, he had to get home.”

In author Dan Sofer’s first novel of the “Dry Bones Society” we learn of Moshe Karlin’s return…from the dead.  It takes a bit for him to come to the realization that he had, in fact, died two years before he awoke from his dirt nap.  His family and friends moved on and he want to desperately for things to return to the way they were.  It’s an uphill battle as he is legally dead and the path is further complicated when other resurrected people start to appear.  Will he be able to convince his wife to take him back?

This was a very pleasant book to read.  Some sadness and a lot of humor.

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