Framing the Dialogue

An Innocent Client

innocent clientIn the first in the series featuring defense lawyer Joe Dillard we find him near the end of his rope (i.e. career) even though he is fairly young.  A bit tired of representing scumbags and lowlifes he has just one wish and that is to represent…An Innocent Client.  He wouldn’t mind one who paid him well either.

When a young mystery woman; who is really barely out of her teens, is accused of a heinous murder of a preacher, Dillard thinks he may have found his dream client.  The prosecution, however, has a circumstantial, but fairly strong case against her and it doesn’t help that his client worked at a strip club and the owner of the club is footing the bill for her defense.  Oh and the son of the murdered preacher is off-balance.  There are more twists, but you’ll have to just read the novel to get them.

It is interesting that the author, Scott Pratt, is self-published.  I enjoyed this novel that I promptly purchased and read the next one in the series.

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