Framing the Dialogue


In the sequel to Wired by author Douglas E. Richards, we find Kira Miller and David Desh the focus of a vicious manhunt by powerful forces bent on their destruction.  They have been set up as working with terrorists to destroy the civilized world.  In AMPED everything seems to be coming apart and again nothing seems to be as it seems.  There are a number of plot twists as the reader tries to unravel the events in relation to the abilities of the characters’ enhanced state.  Enemies reappear and friends seem to be enemies and enemies become allies.

“All he knew for sure was that Kira and their group were no longer off the grid. That they had been caught with their pants down by a lethal and exceedingly capable adversary. And that this unknown adversary was almost certain to strike at them again.”

Another great book by Mr. Richards.  Thrilling from beginning to end and I hope there is a third novel coming featuring these characters.

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