Framing the Dialogue

America’s Tell

For those of you who don’t play or watch poker, a tell is something a player does that tips off his opponents to the quality of his hand.  A twitch of the eye, becoming too chatty, different breathing, or even becoming quiet all of a sudden can give your hand away.  In head to head competition allowing your opponent to  know your hand will ensure an eminent loss of chips.

I think that Americans can only hope that President Obama is one heck of a bluffer as he doesn’t seem  to be holding his hand close to his vest:

  • President Obama recently told the world that we would not retaliate with nuclear weapons if attacked by another country.  I guess if you live in Neverland (not Jacko’s Wonderland) this might work.  Unfortunately the world is not quite that nice of a place.  This is a big tell.
  • Obama recently seemed to ease liberal  policies on oil drilling though he still left vast areas out of bounds to drilling.  Most experts agree that these concessions may not have impact for a decade.  Keeping America dependant on foreign oil for decades is a big tell.
  • With one hand Obama seemed to open up oil drilling while pushing for cap and trade.  The cap and trade will substantially increase energy costs to all segments of our economy.  A weak America has to make other world leaders salivate.  Pushing and passing Cap ‘n Tax will be a big tell.
  • Health care.  What can I say.  The costs to United States’ businesses are a big tell.
  • Obama’s 30 Czars and advisers who seem to share a belief in socialism (anti-free markets).  Lurching toward socialism is a big tell.
  • Obama throws a baseball like a girl (sorry girls).  Weakness is a big tell…right Vlad?
  • Obama treats our allies like crap and kowtows to states that hate us.  Consider his treatment of British leaders, snubbing Netanyahu, and even making the Dalai Lama leave through the backdoor by the garbage.  I’d like to see him bow to Netanyahu before a Saudi King.  That’s a big tell.

Obama is playing a high stakes poker game with our safety and security.  I hope he is bluffing, but I really don’t think he is. 

God help us.

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