Framing the Dialogue

America’s Prophet

Author Bruce Feiler takes a hike through American history looking at parallels between people and American icons and the Biblical figure of Moses. America’s Prophet  provides some historical background on Moses’ journey, what he represents and juxtaposes those to many historic Americans like Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr. and icons like the Statue of Liberty and the Liberty Bell.  It is amazing to read REAL history that shows how powerful a link there is between the American ideal and biblical beliefs rather than more recent interpretations representing America as a secular nation,

“I think a lot of laypeople in America today feel that the Enlightenment was somehow antireligious.  That people like Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin, and others were deists and didn’t believe in God.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  The language of religion is so ingrained in their culture in the form of the stories, the aphorisms, the proverbs, and the characters, and this religious language is readily adopted as the language of liberty, whether you’re talking about the Israelites, their captivity, and their freedom, or leaders like Moses, David or Solomon…And it seems that specifically what they were looking for is authority.  An authority higher than the king.  God gives you that authority.”

Two of the most compelling figures for me were MLK and Abraham Lincoln.  Their life’s parallels are rich and powerful yet neither got to see their “promised land.”  Feiler asserts through his stories that freedom and liberty come with a price.  Lincoln and over a 600,000 soldiers paid their “Last Full Measure” as did Rev. King, but the bigger price of freedom and liberty is responsibility,

“Freedom is the right to be free, and then the obligation to accept responsibility.  If you don’t understand that, then ugly stuff happens.  And when you do understand that, you’re prepared to meet the obligations straight-on.”

My guess is that atheists probably wouldn’t like this and you’ll learn the nationality of Superman.

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