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America’s Discontent

youre welcomeSome post State-Of-The-Union notes from a local newspaper columnist, Salena Zito…

“Anyone claiming that America’s economy is in decline is peddling fiction,’ he [Obama] said. He shamelessly went on to embellish statistics, claiming 14 million new jobs, including 900,000 manufacturing jobs.  Afterward, FactCheck.orgshowed that it’s more like 9 million jobs, many of them lower-paying service jobs. And, over Obama’s time in office, manufacturing jobs have plummeted by 230,000.  In short, if you “made” something in the Obama economy, you lost your job; if you “served” someone, you got a job — but probably needed two, so you could make ends meet.”

“the Obama economy, wages have not improved; in fact, they have created great unease and not inspired the confidence Americans once had in work — which is why the president has responded by pushing higher wages for service jobs once meant to be temporary bridges from high school and college to adult life…he blames companies like McDonald’s for not doubling the hourly pay for entry-level jobs to mask his inability to address the economic setbacks caused by his politics.”

“On Tuesday, the National Association of Counties released its gold-standard study that shows, six years after the economic expansion began, 93 percent of U.S. counties have failed to fully recover from the devastating contraction they suffered during the recession.  Only 7 percent, or 214 out of 3,069 counties nationwide, recovered by 2015 to their pre-2008 numbers on total employment, economic expansion, home values and unemployment.”

“Many Americans are uncertain in so many ways. Their wages and opportunities have stalled, their houses are worth less today than eight years ago; the nation’s educational systems have less funding available today because of the economic contractions; and, in terms of safety and security, we are confused by the president’s foreign policies concerning Syria and ISIS — especially his repeated assertion that ISIS doesn’t threaten the United States in a fundamental way.”


“we see an electorate so frustrated by Obama’s tin ear on such issues that it has become myopic in its search for an outlet. That voter frustration was sired by Obama’s political presidency which never came close to his promise and ability.  Whether you support him or not, this populist anger and the Trump-Sanders candidacies are the offspring of his leadership, or lack thereof.”

We all see this!  We all feel this!  The national polls are measuring this!

So why won’t the media report this?  WHY?

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