Framing the Dialogue

American Assassin

I don’t know how author Vince Flynndoes it, I just hope that he does it for a very very long time.  In his latest Mitch Rapp novel Flynn takes us back to the beginning of Rapp’s “career” navigating in the World’s sleazy underworld of terrorists, mobsters, gun dealers, corrupt bankers, and crocked politicians.  After intense training, super hero Mitch Rapp becomes an American Assassin as he brings the fight to our enemies.  We get to hate the Russians and Islamic Extremists in the same book.  Cocky and brash would be appropriate words to describe Rapp, but you would have to add highly successful to the list of the CIA’s covert operative.  Covert may not be the proper term as there is no direct, official connection between Rapp’s group and the CIA. 

To call American Assassin simply a “thriller” does not do it justice.  It is a thriller, but it is also abusive in the way it grabbed me and would not let me look away without reading fifty more pages and then fifty more until I was nearly finished.  Flynn made my family suffer from my inattention.  I had to “plan” when to read the last one hundred pages so that I would minimize interruptions…that means late a night. 

If you want to read a great thriller this needs to be on your list.  If you want to lose a lot of sleep engulfed by a novel this needs to be on your list.  If you want non-stop excitement this needs to be on your list.  If you want political correctness this needs to be on your list (you won’t like it, but you need to wake up).

One of my favorite quotes from the book concerned the difference between Communist-controlled Berlin and the free side;

“any form of government that required the repression, imprisonment, and execution of those who disagreed with it was certainly not a government of the people.”

Vince Flynn’s American Assassin – READ IT!

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