Framing the Dialogue

America The Beautiful

“I would like to see scientists and engineers get much more involved in the political process, bringing their no-nonsense common sense and logic to the table.”

america the beautifulOkay, I already liked Dr. Ben Carson since I first saw him talk at the National Prayer Breakfast about a month ago, but his plug for engineers in his book, America the Beautiful, moved him up another level in my estimation even though he included scientists in the compliment.  Based on his taking on many of Obama’s policies directly in front of Obama I had high expectations from Dr. Carson’s book.  He mostly met them, but also had some positions that, in my mind, weren’t all that conservative.  I didn’t like that at first, but came to appreciate his view, though differing from mine, on many issues.  It was refreshing to read ideas from a conservative and religious person who had a very different upbringing from mine.

Dr. Carson provides a beautiful homage to the history and founding of our country which I agree is seriously missing from the education of our children.  America The Beautiful is a well written book and you’ll enjoy the history, you’ll enjoy his history, and you’ll even learn some new ways of tackling our nation’s problems;

“The insidious nature of socialism, cloaked in a façade of compassion, makes it very dangerous to an uneducated and trusting populace.  And as socialism creates dependency, it is well on its way to eliminating freedom of choice and incentives for high productivity and innovation.”

“If we address our inefficient and wasteful billing and collections procedures, move to a national electronic medical record, provide people with incentives to use clinics instead of emergency rooms for primary care, and engage in meaningful tort reform to limit costly lawsuits, we would have plenty of money to provide basic health care to all citizens of this country.”

“We also simply cannot afford welfare programs for able-bodied people who make unwise choices and expect other people to pay for it.”

“It is an abuse of power to make people pray just as it is an abuse of power to keep people from praying.  Our founding fathers understood this and wisely instituted a policy of separation of church and state, which is totally different from the concept of separation of God and state.”


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