Framing the Dialogue

Altar of Eden

altar of eden

In Altar of Eden, a storm-damaged fishing trawler in the wilds of Louisiana bring two old acquaintances back together.  One a former marine who now works for the U.S. Border Patrol and the other is a veterinarian/scientist working to preserve species before they become extinct.  The things they encounter on that ship shock them, but even more there are those who are hell bent on keeping the world from discovering what was on board.

“The ground had been churned up, but he noted a single distinct paw print pressed into the sand.  They crossed together into the shadows.  Jack kept watch for any sign of movement around them.  In such a heightened state of alertness, he was all too conscious of Lorna’s shoulder against his side, of the smell of her hair, her skin.  ‘The thing is huge,’ Lorna said as she knelt down.  ‘From the size of this paw, I may have underestimated its weight.”

Author James Rollins spins a tale of what can happen when humans tamper with nature.  There are some action-packed scenes and overall the novel kept me interested.  The basis of the storyline may be a little far-fetched…or is it?

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