Framing the Dialogue

ALPHA: A Black Flagged Thriller

“Daniel didn’t want to start over again after a long stretch on the run, so he grudgingly accepted Sanderson’s last minute, seemingly airtight mission, thinking the general would go away afterward. He’d been kidding himself.  Sanderson was up to something big, and it would have swallowed not matter what he had decided.”

A call from someone in his past has Daniel Petrovich on edge.  Taking the job brings him back in to his former life…declining might end up killing him.  Needless to say, things spiral out of control as the U.S. government discovers his identity and pursues him.  He has to escape, leaving his wife behind.  He cannot clear his name if he is dead or behind bars.

“Their target was Daniel Petrovich, a rogue freelance operative that posed a significant threat to U.S. security, and Berg felt certain that this operative would arrive in the D.C. area tonight. He wanted the Brown River team to capture or kill the operative as soon as he surfaced. It was clear that Berg didn’t want the team to attract any attention, and Jackson didn’t even bother to ask if the mission was authorized. Berg said the rogue agent was “black flagged,” and that was all Jackson needed to hear. He turned back to his desk and picked up the phone to start making calls.”

This novel by Steven Konkoly is heart-pounding and action packed.  I look forward to reading the next novels in the series.

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