Framing the Dialogue

All Necessary Force

all necessary forceIn his second Pike Logan novel author Brad Taylor has the damaged hero looking in from the outside of the Taskforce as they try to unravel the theft of some dangerous military apparatus that could be used against America.  The latest threat seems to be coming from the far east and that is where the focus is at least initially.  Logan joins forces with the Taskforce not as an operator, but as the part owner of a cover company, but that changes quickly as things spin out of control and he is force to use All Necessary Force in pursuit of an unnamed enemy.

“The man coming was someone who held a mythical place in his mind’s eye.  A fighter that would destroy all the rich motherfers in this godforsaken country.  Turn it into an Islamic utopia, where everyone was equal in the eyes of Allah…just a society based on Sharia Law, where the glory was dedication to the one true God instead of material, worldly goods.”

All Necessary Force is an action-packed thriller that will keep you glued to its pages.  My only complaint about the novel, and it was true of his first Pike Logan book, is that Taylor doesn’t clean up loose ends or does so in a way that lacks detail.  I had thought that this novel would bring back some of the bad guys not dealt with in One Rough Man.

I found it interesting that the author felt necessary in the Acknowledgements to address the issue of potentially exposing weaknesses to our infrastructure in his novels.  He had obviously received some complaints from readers as if hiding weakness is a way to prevent it from being exploited.  Worse than hiding it is ignoring it.

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