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Alex Hawke series by Ted Bell

The summer of 2008 seemed to be my season for spy novels.  I read Assassin by Ted Bell and could hardly put it down and ended up buying three of his other books.  They were just as entertaining.  Alex Hawke is a wealthy British man who fights evil throughout the world.  He has a great supporting cast and gadgets that would make 007 jealous. 

If you want to read some fast-paced spy novels and see some bad guys get what they deserve, read any of these books by Ted Bell:

Hawke (2003)
Assassin ((2004)
Pirate (2005)
Spy (2006)

Ted Bell has a new book, Tsar that I’ll be reading soon.  I’m waiting for the price to go down.

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  1. Walt1 says:

    Spy is a plausable fiction. Every chapter is a cliffhanger. Great book…just a bit too close to reality in places but a good book nonetheless.

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