Framing the Dialogue

After the Dust Settled

Now that the dust has settled from the November 2 mid-term elections it is interesting how the left/progressives/liberals/Democrats are behaving.  The media has grabbed the horn by the bull and proclaimed that the results were not a repudiation of Obama’s policies by the American people, was not about Obamacare (it is interesting that this label has stuck), was not a victory for the Tea Party, or the American electorate is just too stupid except where favored Democrats were re-elected.  So why did the Democrats lose so badly?  Some of the themes center around voter stupidity, racism, Obama being too centrist (WTF), and my favorite…Fox News.  Scott Spiegel listed the “Top 10 excuses” at NewsRealBlog. 

Obama and his spokesman, David Axelrod, don’t seem to be able to agree on their message regarding the “Bush tax cuts.”  I love (and by love I mean hate) how politicians get all thoughtful and serious about whether to let us keep our money that we work for.  As if they are doing us a huge favor.  Obama still wants to punish the rich while protecting the middle.  How gracious of him.  I don’t buy into the class warfare and hope to join the rich someday, however, I hope that being rich means making a hell of a lot more than $250,000 per year.  If you would all just get 20 or 30 of your friends to start reading framingthedialogue I may be able to start selling some ad space.  Maybe even enough to pay for the space…but I digress.

Princess Pelosi celebrated the defeat of 60+ of her comrades by holding of all things a party for “advocacy groups.”  When asked about the funding for the celebration a spokeswoman for Pelosi would only comment that “No taxpayer funds or lobbyist money paid for the meeting.”  Since it was closed to the press there is no word yet who attended.  Perhaps because RINO Joe Scarborough was not invited he had been hard on the former Speaker of the House to be advising her to “She Needs To Get The Hell Out of Dodge For the Sake of Her Party.”  I think he was referring to her political party not her “advocacy” party.  There has been a lot of grumbling about Pelosi’s desire to run for leadership by Democrats, but no one has yet to step forward to challenge her. 

The Democrat brain trust (Obama, Reid, and Pelosi) have staged a mutual admiration society each praising the other while denying that their agenda had anything to do with their stunning defeat.  Obama praised both Reid and Pelosi while on his trip to South Korea.  I wonder how TOTUS let that one through.  Perhaps Obama is feeling some stress as the other G-20 leaders are Fed Up with The Fed’s actions that are devaluing the dollar.

Perhaps the funniest story was from my local paper.  In a column by a certified liberal writer she suggested that voters be required to pass a test in order to vote, “If you don’t pass your driving test, you don’t get to drive. If you don’t pass your drug test, you can’t go to work. (It might depend on where you’re trying to work.) If you don’t pass your voting test, someone snatches your ballot and you go home.”  This story was not from the Op/Ed page.  The author, Nafari Vanaski, laments how few of us probably could pass the same tests that naturalized citizens have to pass.  I’d like to agree to her test if we add an economics portion, some math, some reading, and the test only be given in English.  Oh and while we’re changing things, you should have to have identification to vote. 

The man before me in line to vote on November 2 asked one of the officials why they don’t require identification.  He had heard about voter fraud in parts of the country and seemed  concerned.  The official explained that they compare signatures on file to ensure compliance.  When I handed my signed card to her, I looked at my signature on her form which I probably completed when I moved to the area over twenty years ago.  It looked nothing like my current signature.  I their defense, I vote every time and they sort of know me…sort of.  I would not be insulted if they were to check my identification any more than when they check it when I use a credit card or buy spray paint at WalMart.  I am not a puffer.

The next two years promise to provide a wonderful source of future blogs.  I think that they should keep Nancy in a leadership role…though she’ll have to fly commercial from now on.

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