Framing the Dialogue

After Romeo and Juliet Died

In After Romeo and Juliet Died we meet a young married couple at their rehearsal dinner.  We also meet their unhappy sister of the bride, her husband who cannot keep a job, a strange older lady dressed oddly, a mother who cares only about appearances, a workaholic father…I could go on, but you’ll just have to read the book.  This is a rather light-hearted look at a young couple as they try to face a future together with lots of folks pulling them in different directions.

“Julia is just beginning to see, far too late, why couples elope.  Why hadn’t they eloped?  That is what she and Tony really wanted to do all along.  Why didn’t she stand up for herself?  But she knows the answer: because this is what is expected of Julia Tamborelli, the girl who yearns to please, the girl who never raises eyebrows for furrows foreheads, the girl who is no longer a girl, but still finds herself incapable of saying no to her mother…”

This is a great book by Joann Hornak, that will make you shudder at families and smile at the same time.  Oh and Romeo and Juliet are…

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