Framing the Dialogue

Act of Treason

The author has a simple subtitle to this book, “A Thriller.”  I love the Mitch Rapp series and this book lives up to the subtitle as a thriller. Act Of Treason is different as Rapp is almost part of the sub-plot.  The real story is about Washington power and those who would do most anything to achieve that power.

Author Vince Flynn uses the usual cast of characters in this exciting novel.  Act of Treason doesn’t have as much of the covert operations-type danger as past Rapp novels which is a nice change.  I could kind of figure out what was going to happen in many places and I liked that. 

As usual Flynn provides insight into the world of politics.  One of the central themes is the peaceful transfer of power when a new president takes office.  This novel shares more of a viewpoint of the role of the Secret Service agents.  They must have an interesting job and have a high capacity to keep their mouths shut.  Has an agent ever written a tell-all book?

Unlike Flynn’s obvious respect for the Secret Service, he shows disdain for the media through a New York Times reporter named Tom Rich who is used by Democrat operatives to write a front page story critical of the CIA and by association the current President, also a Democrat;

“Rich wrote frantically.  This was going to be a huge scoop.  The type of story that could win him his second Pulitzer.  After a moment he gained control of his escalating euphoria and remembered that he was a journalist.  He looked up at Ross [vice-president elect and evil] and asked, ‘Why are you telling me this?'”

It should be noted that the New York Times has a writer named Frank Rich who has no love for conservative issues.  I was careful not to call Rich a reporter or even a journalist.  Or is it based on “journalist” Joe Klein also from the Times?  He may be more transparent in his bias than Rich.  Is the Tim Rich character based on either Joe Klein or Frank Rich?  There is no doubt about the slam of the New York Times.

Flynn addresses the unique relationship between the Democrat Party and the environment;

“If one was to rise to the top of the Democratic Party it was very important to have the proper credentials.  No resume builder was more vital than the role of compassionate environmentalist.  These were the foot soldiers.  The people who got out the vote.  Who organized things from the grass roots with their e-mail blasts and blogs.”

And a glimer of hope;

“The CIA doesn’t like to advertise the fact that they employ some of the world’s best computer hackers.  These men and women spend their days and nights trying to sneak undetected into hte networks of America’s adversaries.”

We can only hope.

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