Framing the Dialogue


A number of years ago illusionist, David Copperfield, made the Statue of Liberty vanish.  Makine a 300+ feet tall statue that weighs 225 tons made his earlier feats pale in comparison.  Unfortunately for Copperfield and his fellow illusionists one of their kind had a popular television show exposing their secrets.  Obviously Copperfield was not able to make Lady Liberty disappear, however, the main stream media has taken illusion to a whole new level.

In May the media made thousands of Americans disappear from Searchlight Nevada.  Searchlight is the hometown of Democrat Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid.  The Tea Party Movement chose this location to hold one of their rallies and had a rather large turnout.  Most papers described the event as “attended by thousands,” but one Nevada paper provided an estimate of 8,000 attendees

Most of the main stream media ignored or downplayed the event.  Most would have completely ignored the event except that Sarah Palin was a featured speaker and my guess is that they covered her in case she said something that they could twist and misrepresent.  They love to have the opportunity to trash her.

Their illusion was so well done that while I heard about the Searchlight, Nevada event, I had no idea how well attended it was and I tend to follow these type of events.  A friend forwarded an e-mail with the following pictures and I was at first blown away by the number of folks, then ticked that I hadn’t really known much about it, followed by the knowledge that they must be terrified of the Tea Party to work so hard to avoid coverage.

Take a look at the pictures of the crowd and compare to a concert or sporting event that you have attended.  I am biased and would tend to think the numbers were much higher so you decide.  The following pictures are from the event:


We Surround Them!

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