Framing the Dialogue

About That Fling

flingAbout That Fling was a real departure for me.  There are not any terrorists.  No one was murdered. The relationships were not based on solving a crime.  It’s a book about…relationships;

“No one gets relationships right on the first try.  We probably never get it right, when it comes down to it.  All we can do is take the lessons we’ve learned and keep moving forward.”

Jenna McArthur is stood up by a friend and meets a handsome stranger.  After a few, maybe more, drinks Jenna is thrust into a world gone crazy as she picks her way through a maze of work, love, sex, friends, family, and sanity.  Happiness seems to elude her until things come to the climax (no pun here) that I was waiting for.

This was a very entertaining novel.  It was described by some as a romantic comedy and that is an apt description.

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