Framing the Dialogue

A Trail of Ink

trail of inkIn A Trail of Ink , Hugh de Singleton finally has the time to travel to Oxford to renew his courting of the stationer’s daughter, Kate Claxon only to find that he has a rival and a higher-born one at that.  His visit to an old friend sets him on a path to unravel another crime when he discovers that his friend has had his entire book collection stolen.  A scholar without his books is soon to be unemployed.  Even accompanied by Lord Gilbert’s squire, Arthur, there is danger at every door and Kate’s other suitor is not happy about the competition.

As with the other of Mel Star’s novels in this series, the surgeon and bailiff, Hugh de Singleton, cannot use modern techniques to solve his crimes.  They just aren’t available in medieval times!  He must use his wits alone (and now those of Kate and Arthur) to work through the evidence.  This book was a pleasure to read and I look forward to the next installment.


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