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A Third Party

As we wait to see if we get health care shoved up our posterior a subtopic is how the electorate will react to those who voted to stick it to us.  I got this note from a friend:

“I read some articles recently in which both Karl Rove and Mitt Romney warned tea party activists against supporting 3rd party candidates in elections.  They both seem to think this will divide the Republican vote and increase the chances of the Dems staying in power.  What is your opinion on this?

 Glenn Beck (and others) seem to think, and sometimes I agree, that voting for 3rd party candidates is a strong way of showing current officials (Dems and Reps) that we are fed up with business as usual….regardless if you’re a republican or democrat.  It seems that the chance of and independent making some noise let alone winning is too far down the road….but it has to start sometime.

 Obviously the Republicans want these votes. So it makes me wonder if Rove, Romney and the like actually fear a strong 3rd party, or if the warnings are valid.  Wasted vote or worth the effort??? Of course it all depends on who the candidates are.”

My response was that I think the time to get rid of RINO’s is in the primary.  I believe the third party gave us Clinton.  Sadly I have to admit that I miss the old sleazebag.  For the next three years, we have to have a majority of Republicans in Congress to thwart Obama’s vision like with Clinton in 1994. 

I do believe that changes in government and especially elected officials need to be drastic.  If they ignore the will of the people, simply losing their next election is not good enough.  They all took an oath to uphold the Constitution and I do believe that a little jail time should not be out of the question. 

Another of my beliefs is that being in the legislature should be a part-time job.  In other words these folks would need to have real jobs and not have so much time to “fix” America.

March 20, 2010 Update

Just when I thought that I was convinced that we should probably support Republicans I hear this…

South Carolina’s Senator Lindsey Graham has joined with Chuckie Schummer to restart immigration reform.  We should feel comfortable that Sen. Graham wants “A tough but fair path to legalization” for the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants already in the U.S., the most controversial component in the reform proposal.”  Even John McCain finally gets it on immigration reform.  Like health care reform, the American public doesn’t want it.

Democrats can always count on the Grahams, Snows, Collins, and Specters of the world to cross the aisle to give the Democrats what they want.  I cannot understand how anyone would subject themselves to sit down with Chuckie Schummer for any length of time and his nasal, sanctimonious voice. 

Maybe it is time for a third party?  We’ll certainly take some losses for a few years, but ultimately we should be able to take back this country and reverse the damage currently being done by the Democrats and Republicans.  Instead of the Tea Party we should call it the Retribution Party and the platform could feature a promise to punish all of those who have damaged our Republic with unconstitutional laws.

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  1. d.eris says:

    The only wasted vote is a vote for a Republican or a Democrat. Everything else is mere complicity with the ruling political class and status quo.

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