Framing the Dialogue

A Terrible Book

terrible bookSo what’s not to attract you about the name of the book, A Terrible Book?  Two men who don’t really know each other except through Jack’s girlfriend, Sarah, who seems about to break up with Jack for the other guy, Brayden even though she hasn’t really seen him in years.  Don’t worry…this isn’t some soap-opera-ish novel…it’s worse!  Not for me though.

“Yesterday I was living a normal life.  I didn’t know anything about robot-vampires or Villains’ Lairs or amulet-guided journeys.  That’s the stuff of fantasy and yet here I am, suspending all logic and reason to walk away from life as I know it to set off on a Totally Epic Quest…Isn’t it funny how quickly we decided to believe all this crazy shit and just go with it?  It’s so completely irrational, but at the same it just feels so right, doesn’t it?”

I am not sure how to describe author Jay Michael’s work?  So Jack and Brayden decide to accept the challenge of a “Totally Epic Quest” to rescue damsel Sarah.  The story of their Quest can best be described as a directionless meander.  Perhaps the best was from one of the reviews provided at the end (don’t skip these as they are funny):

“Never has a writer used so many tropes and clichés in one story,”

 I would hazard that many folks would not like this novel.  I actually found it rather funny and laughed out loud on occasion.  I appreciate the morbid humor, the silly humor, hell just the humor.


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