Framing the Dialogue

A Taint In The Blood

taint“Kate Shugak wasn’t an especially humble person.  She had a good opinion of her own intelligence and capabilities, and there was very little she had set out to do in life that she had not accomplished…she was comfortable with who she was and what she had done to get there.  Mostly, she did things for people.  Most of the time, it helped, enough of the time it earned her a living, and she was comfortable with that too.”

 A Taint in the Blood is the fourteenth in the Kate Shugak series and the first one that I had read of Dana Stabenow’s novels featuring the native Alaskan-born private investigator.  In this book Shugak is hired by a daughter to overturn her mother’s murder conviction and get her out of prison.  There are a few obstacles in that the murder, trial, and conviction were thirty years ago, the victim was her child (Shugak’s client’s brother), and no one seems to want to talk or open up this old wound.  Kate has to leave the comfort of her rural area to travel to Anchorage to investigate this case.

This was a very good mystery novel and contained interesting information about the tensions in Alaska between the native population and those who came later to make their fortune.

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