Framing the Dialogue

A Raging Storm/A Bloody Storm

raging storm 1bloody storm 1I am combining these reviews as A Raging Storm and the “sequel” A Bloody Storm are essentially the second and third parts of what should have been one novel starting with A Brewing Storm previously reviewed.  In this series “private detective” Derrick Storm (AKA Steve Mason) continues his search for some missing gold in an amount worth killing for.  Storm reunites with FBI agent April Showers (yep that’s the name the author chose) to track down the shiny bars and perhaps learn who sabotaged their action in Tangiers where Storm was nearly killed.

“Petrov claimed the treasure consisted of one million kilogram bars hidden by the KGB, plus other precious metals.  The total worth is about sixty billion dollars…Now that’s a treasure worth finding?”

Written by Richard Castle of television fame this series lacks the depth and storyline of Castle’s Heat series.  Again I was a bit frustrated by the “short” versions as these clearly should have been packed into one book.  I guess that either this was a good way to hook readers into higher priced purchases or Mr. Castle was just too busy on his television series.  If you want to read a Castle book, read the Heat series and skip these.

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