Framing the Dialogue

A Princess of Landover

It had probably been literally decades since I have read, actually devoured, Terry Brooks’ books.  I was really into the fantasy world books back then.  I looked with anticipation when I saw A Princess of Landover on the shelf in Barnes & Noble.  Perhaps I have grown up, but this book about magical creatures did not have any magic for me.  While the novel was interesting it lacked the drama and intrigue that I remembered from earlier books by the author. 

The tale takes place in the world of Landover and pits the teen-aged, rebellious daughter of the king against various foes.  This is obviously a sequel in which I had not read the previous volumes.  I often felt left out of the “secret” by not knowing the prior stories nor really being familiar with the characters.  I was rather disappointed.  Perhaps those quoted on the book’s back cover read more into the novel than I did.

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