Framing the Dialogue

A Peak Inside

imageEvery so often we get a glimpse of how folks think of us. It might be some angry words…some drunken words…a whisper from someone…or as in this case an arrogant slip of the tongue. This video is of Jonathan Gruber who is regarded as one of the main authors of Obamacare. He is an MIT professor so that makes him smarter than most of us. In the following clip Gruber outlines how Obama and other smart guys like Gruber gamed the American system (actually lied, cheated, stole, etc.) to push through the act of seizing one sixth of the U.S. Economy, better known as YOUR healthcare system.

I supposed we should feel grateful that we have “angels” like Grubber looking out for our best interests. After all this country was built on achieving an end by any means necessary. I’d actually like to see someone knock the smug look off of Grubber’s smug face. Perhaps an appearance in front of a judge or Republican Senate hearing.

So the latest on the fight to scuttle GrubberCare (formerly know as Obamacare) is that, in their arrogance, they made a big blunder, perhaps in trying to be so not transparent. Obamacare only works when the government robs Peter to give the money to Paul. The wording in the bill limits the subsidies to those exchanges set up by states. Where the states refused, the Feds thought they could just do it. Not so fast say the courts. This little “typo” is headed to SCOTUS! And these folks are really worried.

The next test is going to be the tax on medical devices. This TAX is a foundation for the funding of Obamacare. Again the smart kids from MIT, etc. seemed to have missed the elephant in the room, actually elephants as they forgot that taxes on medical devices like hearing aids affect the consumers who imageuse them. I wear hearing aids as I suspect do many senior citizens…you might know then as the folks who vote all of the time. This coupled with the high rate of tax is also making some necessary devices too expensive for folks to afford. So Obamacare is forcing handicapped people to do without unaffordable devices.
Democrats in Congress have been able to determine that the medical device manufactures, especially those who are located in their districts are going to be hit hard…economically. Many Demoncrats are themselves calling for the repeal of this part of the Less Than Affordable Care Act. I think that sound you hear sounds like unraveling.

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