Framing the Dialogue

A P.C. War

Whether you want to call it a “war on terror” as George W. Bush would or an “overseas contingency operation” as our current president prefers, we are at war.  At least those who are waging battle against us are at war.  I am not sure that politicians in Washington are at war or that the general public quite feels the war.  This war almost came home to us again on Christmas Day with a Nigerian terrorist.

I recently read Vince Flynn’s novel, Executive Power, where Israel used far more fire power than perhaps necessary to bomb a meeting of terrorist leaders.  Their reasoning was that they wanted to be absolutely positive that all of these terrorists were killed.  The downside was that surrounding buildings were destroyed causing far more “collateral” damage.  As art mimics reality, the world condemned the act of the Israelis while the world media showed up as lifeless bodies of women and children were removed from the rubble.

Flynn portrayed the Israeli leader who ordered the bombing as overzealous and he used far more fire power than seemed necessary.  He also discussed the other side where Jews have been the victim of almost daily attacks and are fighting for their very survival.  If you only watch only liberal networks or the various liberal cable news channels you may feel sympathy for the Palestinians. 

I admit to being less than empathetic to a people who consider it a honor to target and blow up civilians as part of their “war.”  Recent events have me looking at things differently as more information came out about the CIA bomber in Afghanistan.  The first thing that struck me was the reaction of the murderer’s family.  His wife praised him as a martyr and claimed his honor saying, “I am proud of him; my husband has carried out a great operation in such a war. May God accept his martyrdom,” and ” “My husband did this against the U.S. invasion.”  How can a man who commits suicide be considered a martyr?

As Americans we value life too much to comprehend such murderous acts of terror.  The murderer was from Jordan yet his family claims that he killed because the United States is in Afghanistan.  Maybe they murder because that is all that they have…a blood-thirst. 

The Islamic murderer has left behind some children.  One news outlet called them “orphans.”  I thought that was an interesting characterization.  I happened to watch Fox News and saw a report on the first funeral for one of the murdered Americans.  They showed his wife and children at the service.  The man was a retired serviceman working for the CIA.  I felt for this family and felt anger at the murderer’s family for celebrating his death.  Do such monsters deserve to live?  Are they even human?

In an unrelated story, there have been a series of church bombings in Malaysia.  It seems that Muslims are upset that a Malaysian court ruled that Christians were allowed to use the word “Allah.”  Being the “religion of peace” the hoards proceeded to bomb at least four Christian churches in their outrage.  Is there any doubt that these people are at war with America and all non-Muslims?

How do we respond to this war? 

People chant anti-American slogans and burn an effigy of U.S. President Barack Obama in Jalalabad, south Afghanistan. (AP Photo/Rahmat Gul)

It seems that we have a large book of “rules of engagement” that our men and women on the front line have to follow.  We do not want to upset the people who hide behind women and children to fight.  A prospective “double agent” was allowed into our base carrying explosives.  CIA director, Leon Panetta, claims that security was fine as the bomber had been stopped and was about to be searched…before setting off his bomb.  My guess is that the American family members left behind would disagree with that assessment of base security. 

I am sure there will be congressional hearings and much will be said about much needed changes, but will we finally realize that there is a war.  What is war to us?  General George S. Patton said that “War is simple, direct, and ruthless.”  That seems to be the way our enemy is fighting and the way we fought in the past.  Time is not on our side.  Our politically correct warfare is exposing us to death by one thousand cuts, potential failure, and a more determined enemy. 

This war is not against any one country.  We have Saudis flying airplanes into buildings, a Jordanian murdering CIA employees in Afghanistan, Yemen and Sudan men were involved in the attack on the USS Cole, an American-born attacks soldiers in Texas and attempts to blow up a plane with his shoe, while a Nigerian tries and almost succeeds with his panties.  The only common threads are the Muslim faith and a hatred of America and all things non-Muslim.

At what point do we take off the gloves?  I cannot believe that the mightiest country on Earth will allow itself to be beaten in this way.  Why don’t we go after the people in charge in a less direct manner.  We know and they know that the terrorists hide in civilian populations so why be shy?  What would Patton do?

“Attack rapidly, ruthlessly, viciously, without rest, however tired and hungry you may be, the enemy will be more tired, more hungry. Keep punching.”

Lest We Forget!

In August the White House seemed to be toughening up against their foes and in a meeting with leaders told them that “If you get hit, we will punch back twice as hard.”  This unapologetic response unfortunately aimed at American citizens attending town hall meetings, not Muslim extremists who have cheered at the deaths of Americans.  My blood still boils thinking back to the cheering, Mid-East hoards celebrating the death of Americans on September 11, 2001.

It is time to crusade against these blood-thirsty people.  If it is an honor to be killed for their faith maybe we should give more of them that honor.  Should a suicide bomber’s family be allowed celebrate his crime without consequence?  Should people who shield cowardly terrorists be afforded protection?  Should we not hunt down any cleric who calls for our destruction?  Should any nation who supports terror in any way (active on passive) be spared?  Should we look the other way when royal families give money to terrorist organizations?

At Fort Hood we were fortunate that an armed police officer wounded the murderer as he killed unarmed soldiers or the death toll would have been much worse.  In Detroit we were lucky that the terrorist could not ignite his bomb and a passenger was able to subdue him.  In Afghanistan the seven CIA employees were not as lucky.  Anymore we seem to be relying on luck rather than ruthless, vicious attacks that win wars.  We did not start this war, but we need to end it and by “end” I mean WIN!

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