Framing the Dialogue

A New Course For Our Country

You may not remember where you were when this bill was passed.  Most of the country was a twitter about Michael Jackson’s death.  Those of us in tune with politics did our screaming and yelling, but most Americans were busy listening as TV hosts speculated on how he died.  The timing was not good for Mr. Jackson, but could not have been better for the Obamacrats.

Here are some notable quotes:

“the most important energy and environmental legislation in the history of our country.  It sets a new course for our country, one that steers us away from foreign oil and towards a path of clean American energy.”

                                                 Ed Markey (D-MA, co-sponsor of the bill)

“This is a transformative moment.  This is a moment to build a clean energy future for our country.  This is a moment to create jobs.  This is a moment to take on, at long last, a defining challenge of our time: global warming.”

                                                 Steny Hoyer (D-MD, House Majority Leader)

“It will make our nation the world leader on clean energy jobs and technology”

                                                 Henry Waxman (D-CA, Chairman -House Energy &Commerce Committee)

“an essential first step towards solving the climate crisis.”

                                                 Al Gore (D-World, large investor in carbon trading complex)

While the legislation was passed as the Clean Energy and Security Act, it is better known as a cap-and-trade plan.  Under the plan the government will set a cap or limit on emissions from industries that emit greenhouse gas under their required permit ($$$).  Initially the companies bearing the brunt of the policies wil be electricity generators.  Should a company exceed their cap, they may “purchase” (from Al Gore) carbon offsets ($$$) or “buy” permits from other companies ($$$) or pay to install cleaner equipment ($$$).  Thus making the use of fossil fuels for power more expensive.

What’s in the bill:  A government agency under the direction of President Obama will set “limits” or “caps” on power generators that will increase the cost to produce electricity.

What’s that mean to us:  Energy companies will pass these costs on to us in the form of higher energy prices.  We wil then have less money to spend or save or invest.  Please remember that EVERYTHING that you buy will take energy to grow/produce/ship to you.  Higher energy costs will not be limited to your electric bill.

What’s in the bill:  The legislative branch will have unfettered power to “regulate” emissions from companies that emit greenhouse gasses.  President Obama’s stated plan:

“What I’ve said is that we would put a cap and trade policy in place that is as aggressive if not more aggressive than anyone out there… whatever power plants are being built, they would have to meet the rigors of that market and the ratcheted-down caps that are imposed every year.  So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can. It’s just that it will bankrupt them because they’re going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that’s being emitted.”

What’s that mean to us:  Less available energy, more expensive energy, less reliable energy sources, lower standard of living.

What’s in the bill:  The bill targets “major” emitters for caps.

What’s that mean to us:  The term “major” means many things to many people.  A concern is when the government determines what is major and “ratcheted-down” caps and then ratchets down again and again and again.  The bottom line is higher costs to us.

What’s in the bill:  Mandates for use of renewable energy sources.

What’s that mean to us:  Costlier energy.

What’s in the bill:  Strict energy efficiency standard for appliances.

What’s that mean to us:  Artificial (as opposed to market driven) standards generally cost more up front even though there are energy savings realized.  Read about the Prius. 

What’s in the bill:  Billions of dollars to fund research into technology to capture carbon emissions from coal and store them underground.

What’s that mean to us:  We will pay to dig up coal, use it to make electricity, have to recapture the carbon and bury it where we took out the coal.  Sounds expensive.

What’s in the bill:  “a variety of concessions to agriculture groups.  These were payoffs to get support of representatives of from those states.  Can you feel the CHANGE in Washington?

What’s that mean to us:  Concessions usually mean subsidies which translate into higher prices for food.  Your grocery bill just went up.  You will probably be putting more corn in your car than your belly.

What’s in the bill:  A tariff on imports from nations such as China that fail to cut their emissions.

What’s that mean to us:  China may be the biggest holder of our debt.  Our politicians have brought us to the point where we are not in a position to tell China what to do.  Tariff raise the price of goods which reduce your ability to buy stuff, meaning you will have less stuff, meaning your quality of life will be lower.

What’s in the bill:  Who knows what else is in the bill as NOT ONE of the folks who voted for the bill actually read it and understood it.  Rep. John Boehner may have the quote of the day calling the legislation a “pile of s__t.”

What’s that mean to us:  Our elected officials continue to vote on bills that they have never read.  This is astonishing!  We need to bounce them out of office at the next opportunity.  That goes for TARP, Stimulus, and now this piece of s__t.  If you voted for it, do not count on my vote.

What about the future:  The President seems to have every intention to use this bill to the international community and formulate a world-wide system of caps and trades.  This would subjugate our autonomy to world organizations.  This could be the first step toward global government and the loss of our freedoms.  If you think that I am a nut, read about it.

Why the skepticism:  I say why the rush.  We need a sound energy policy, but why pass a bill that was never read?  What happened to President Obama’s PROMISE that legislation will be on-line for at least five days before it comes to a vote?  The Democrats added some 300 pages of blood money at 3:00 am in the form of an amendment.  That seemed to BUY enough votes to get it passed.  What is there to hide?

Why the skepticism Part 2:  How does a comprehensive energy bill not include incentives for nuclear power?  Even the French use nuclear power.  According to President Obama, even the Iranians deserve nuclear power.  Why don’t we?

Why the skepticism Part 3:  Al Gore is involved.

Why the skepticism Part 4:  The politicians are again passing legislation that a majority of Americans do not want. 

What’s next:  You will have to call and e-mail, and text, and call, and e-mail, and visit your Senators to make sure that they do not pass this legislation. 

We can and must stop this!

And after that:  We will have to do the same for Obamacare, Card Check (American Unionization Act), Immigration “Reform” (Amnesty for All Act), Stimulus 2 (Pork Act 2), etc.  There will be no rest at least until November 2010 and only then if we throw the bums out…all of them.

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