Framing the Dialogue

A Missing Link?

This is not a posting about evolution or intelligent design, but it does contain an element of biology.  I wish that I knew more about the brain and critical thinking processes in the human brain.  I cannot seem to grasp the way big liberal think.  Do they have a part of their brain that is overdeveloped?  I suspect it is an underdeveloped are, but wanted to give them the benefit…initially.  The progressives see life and American so much differently than I do I sometimes have doubts about my own clarity (only briefly). 

Maybe they are right?

As I discussed recently in a posting about natural gas drilling in Pennsylvania there are many politicians and groups lining up to partake of the imagined fiscal bounty of this energy source.  I lamented that the discussion by politicians on both sides of the aisle is about how much taxes/fees to charge drillers.  There is no discussion about letting us just have cheaper fuel and the benefits (more jobs, less expensive energy) we would naturally derive from the Marcellus gas.

A recent headline caught my eye and still has me shaking my head.  Pennsylvania’s outgoing (thankfully) governor has taken liberal thinking to a whole new level.  Ed Rendell is famous for giving away gobs of money (mostly borrowed) now which we will be paying for for decades in the future.  Ed’s nickname should be “Blank Check” with a change in a few years to “Bounced Check” after the bill comes due for his excessive spending.  Rendell’s lates “giveaway” that he is talking about centers around the Marcellus gas exploration and drilling.  It is important to note the “exploration” because not every well is productive.

When Ed “Big Check” Rendell was asked about the proposed gas tax rate of 1.5 percent he replied that he would not sign such a bill.  It’s not that he is against the tax since he never met a tax he didn’t like; his problem was that the rate was far too low.  Now for the “money” quote:

“There’s no way we’re going to give a giveaway to the industry.  There’s no way we’ll have five years at 1.5 percent. There’s no way. Nobody does that.” [emphasis added]

The liberal, progressive thinks that ALLOWING A COMPANY TO KEEP THE PROFITS IT MADE BY ASSUMING RISK TO DELIVERY A PRODUCT TO CONSUMERS IS “A GIVEAWAY.”  Please explain the thinking here!  Does he have something loose in his brain?  This thinking is not limited to Democrats like Rendell.  Pennsylvania’s former governor, Tom Ridge, works for the Marcellus Shale Coalition which is an industry association.  Ridge, a Republican, had this to add to the subject;

“You want to socialize the benefitof this transformative opportunity.  Some of that obviously needs to be shared with the county governments and local governments.” [emphasis added]

Ridge is certainly a RINO, but having him use “socialize” and “shared” is perhaps more frightening than Rendell’s comments.  We expect ti from “Big Check,” but not from Ridge who is lobbying for the drillers. 

I just don’t know what more to say!


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